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F U E L  M A N A G E M E N T  S Y S T E M

  • Easy installation
  • Supports one- and two-product installations
  • Authentication via large, weatherproof keypad
  • Solid steel housing, complete with a heavy-duty key lock
  • High-visibility graphical display
  • Displays product status in real-time on-screen
  • Compatible with all pumps and flow meters
  • Alarm outputs—able to drive buzzers, lights and relays under error conditions
  • Records all actions to a standard USB Flash drive in an Excel-compatible format
    Transactions are buffered before writing; transactions cannot be lost
    - Effectively no transaction memory limit
  • Simple setup using the built-in keypad
    - No PC required
  • Remote management and setup:
    - Using a Microsoft Windows application
    - Or using a menu-driven console with your favorite terminal emulator
  • Expert support. We stand behind it one-hundred percent.

They are built in the USA, directly by us, directly for customers, specific to your order.

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